NeWays Century (M) Sdn Bhd or better known as NWC as short-form with registration number (1241472-H) is a registered company under Registration of Businesses Act 1956 started to operate in 2017.The NWC was incorporated in November 2017 and the company is a company sole proprietorships. The registered address of NeWays Century (M) Sdn Bhd is No 26C, Tingkat 3, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah D9/9 Seksyen 9, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

NeWays Century (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the companies established by doing business in agriculture especially in Durian Musang King plantation. One of the strategies that has been used to develop the company’s economy is to develop a joint venture project with people who are interested in becoming a Musang King entrepreneur.

The project framed by the NWC company is the only one in the state of Sabah. The NWC opens the opportunity for the public to be together as entrepreneurs or the owner of the durian farm of Musang king. Tree owners do not have to think about how this cultivation, care, harvest, and security process is all because they are 100% of the NWC company’s responsibility. Tree owners only need to wait for results only. Principal and NWC company owners will sign a 25-year written agreement for this Joint Venture Project.

This joint venture project will be through 3 phases planned, Phase 1 Project was inaugurated On 17 March 2019, 20 acres of land in Kg Kelatuan located in Papar district, Sabah was chosen as the location for the development of this phase 1 project. The groundbreaking ceremony and the inauguration of the plant were officiated by YB Dato Aidi Bin Mokhtar, Pantai Manis assemblyman and also Sabah State Minister of Law and Affairs.


Hafizan Mokhtar




Manson Pang






Become a large-scale producer of Durian Musang King in the next 10 years and be the exporter of Durian Musang King Fruits of Southeast Asia including Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & Indonesia. The company will build a Homesatay or Mini Resort which is a concept of farmland to make Durian Musang King a major tourist attraction


To be number 1 Fruit manufacturer of Durian Musang King in Malaysia

NWC Agro Farm Resort

The proposal to create the NWC Agro Farm Resort is the best way to respond to the government’s call for the development of the agricultural-based tourism sector. The great potential of this farm tourism development should be developed to provide benefits not only to landlords but also to increase the income of residents in the district of Papar itself.

The agricultural and cultural activities to be implemented by NWC Agro Farm Resort in collaboration with local communities will be introduced as one of the tourism products here. Indirectly, the Papar district will be able to be introduced at the national level and perhaps internationally.

With the support of the Sabah State Agriculture Department and the expertise of the NWC Agro Farm Resort in managing this farming activity, it is expected that this project will be able to provide returns to all parties involved.


The first phase involves the planting of Durian Musang King of 500 trees on 20 acres of land with an important infrastructure for it to operate immediately. With the help of effective promotion, NWC Plantation can offer several programs / packages that can meet customers’ needs.


Planting 15,000 trees of durian Musang King trees on 400 acres of land and building a resort / chalet on 50 acres of land, and planting 50 acres of local fruit trees. Do landscaping works Repairing the surrounding areas and intensifying fish pond activities by selecting certain species of fish to be commercially bred. Further fishing activities in freshwater fish ponds can be done.

Phase Two can be implemented after the completion of the First Phase or can also be implemented in the middle of the implementation of Phase One. This will give some time to NWC Agro Farm Resort to build and build its identity. A relatively long period of time may be required to determine the complete completion of the NWC Agro Farm Resort Project with complete facilities.


To find a piece of land of 1000 acres for the planting of durian tree durian tree of 37 thousand trees and also a factory to process durian passes for export.


No. 10 Level 11, Blok B
Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 2
Jalan 16/11, Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya,


Lot No. J-60-2, 2nd Floor,
Block J, Signature Office,
KK Times Square Coastal Highway 
88100 Kota Kinabalu Sabah

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